4 Ideas for Wedding Aisle Decor

The wedding aisle is the first place your guests will see you. It’s your grand entrance and it reflects your overall wedding and reception decor. Wedding aisle decor is where you can showcase your theme, personality and use statement pieces.

We are always looking for new ideas and we found a few ideas for wedding aisle decor that we just had to share!

Here are 4 ideas to help you with your aisle design and decor. Some maybe a little over the top and others are best for an outdoor wedding, but all should inspire you to get creative with your aisle decor.

1. Message Aisle

From using a bold color to having your wedding date and name, your favorite quote or your wedding vows, an aisle runner with a message  or a bold color choice is a definite statement piece.

2. Floral Aisle

Why just scatter rose petals when you can create unique patterns and designs or create a blanket of rose petals or a floral monogram?! These are absolutely gorgeous and create a unique and romantic look and feel.

3. Aisle Chair Bouquets

These are beautiful for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Incorporate your wedding flowers as part of the decoration. Mason jars with baby’s breath for a chic rustic wedding or a bold colored orchid for a tropical theme. No matter the color combination, theme or location of your wedding, chair bouquets make a beautiful and bold aisle statement.

4. Indoor Aisle

Illuminated aisles, ambient lighting, candles, and huge aisle markers al create a romantic look. All of these looks remind us of a dream or fairytale wedding!