Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Kid Friendly

Children at weddings can be a lot of fun or the screaming kicking nightmare you imaged. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help make your wedding kid friendly. Bonus: they will love you and you will also make a fond memory for them.


1. Kid Friendly Food

You might have your heart set on filet in a demi glaze, but that isn’t going to settle well with kids. Suggestions: order pizza or cheese burgers and fries for the kids. Full children are happy children!

2. Games

It’s always best that kids sit with their parents. At every table, have a word search or a picture of a bride and groom with a few crayons. Anything that is quiet and will keep them entertained.

3.  Set up a kids area

Think doctor’s office waiting room. Some small tables and chairs, books, blocks, colors, butcher paper, anything so that they are having fun too. Ask your friends with small children to donate toys and supplies.

4. Tell your DJ

Let your DJ know that your wedding will be kid friendly. The play list may change.

Although it does take a little extra planning, the memories that they will have of your wedding will last a lifetime.