Count Down 24 Hours til You Do

It’s 24 hours until you walk down the aisle. You might be tempted to do some last minute tweaking on yourself, clothing, and jewelry. Regardless of what you think you suddenly need, remember in 24 hours you will be saying I Do.

1. I need more color

If you haven’t already gotten a spray tan, then don’t. Skip it. No one wants to look back at their wedding day pictures and see orange skin.

2. Hair

Whatever you do, do not – repeat do not – color or cut your hair the day before your wedding. Be sure to test run any color or style change a minimum of a month before. Once you find a style you like, stick with it!

3. Make Up

Don’t wing it the day of. Be sure to decide on a look you want before your wedding. Pinterest, wedding magazine or a simple Google search will bring up hundreds of choices.

4. Shoes

Have a fun with your shoes, but also make sure they are comfortable. Hint: Break your shoes in before your wedding day, just don’t wear them outside.

5. Jewelry

Accessories can be a fun too. However, if you are wearing your hair up then keep your earrings small. Hair down, make a statement!