7 Easy Dos for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a super fun and exciting time. You get to talk to a variety of wedding professionals and with sites like Pinterest it’s easier to find all kinds of fun and creative concepts for your wedding. It seems there is always new advice, trends and DIY ideas. The basics of planning a wedding have not changed. Here are 7 Easy Dos for your wedding.

1. Plan your wedding for YOU.

Remember, this is your wedding day so it should reflect your particular tastes and personality. If you want to walk down the aisle to contemporary music, then do it. If you don’t want flower girls or ring bearers, then don’t have them. Compromise when you have to, but if you really dislike an element or idea then tactfully decline.

2. Assign someone to return items (both rental and borrowed).

You are going to be exhausted after your wedding. It’s true! So ask someone to return tuxedos,  rental items and anything else for you.  Friends and family are always asking how they can help, so let them!

3. Wear waterproof mascara.

You will get emotional at some point, but that doesn’t mean your makeup can’t still be flawless!

4. Get the Groom involved.

They might feel like they aren’t needed, but it’s their wedding day too.

5. Use Statement Pieces

Large bunches of flowers or branches are perfect for drawing the eye to certain areas.

6.  Mix it Up

Your table settings don’t have to be uniform, but they do need to have a cohesiveness.

7. Emergency Kits

Day of Wedding Kits are especially important for the day of your wedding. Essentials – sewing kit, scissors, safety pins, band aids, eye drops, aspirin or Ibuprofen, straws, tissues, tweezers, breath mints, hair spray, and whatever else you think is necessary. If the zipper breaks on a bridesmaid’s dress, you might have to sew her in it. It’s happened!